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Lottery is a $300 billion worldwide industry, bigger than sports betting and igaming put together. Unlock the potential of this exciting vertical with our zero risk, simple to integrate solution.

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We currently offer 34 different lottery betting products, however we'll be adding even more big jackpots to our portfolio in the near future. We've got the four biggest lottery jackpots in the world, comprising Powerball and Mega Millions from the United States and EuroMillions and EuroJackpot from Europe! Here are a few facts about our big four.


Powerball created the world's biggest ever lottery jackpot – a massive $1.6 BILLION in January 2016.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is the world's second biggest lottery and has created several jackpots in excess of half a billion, with the biggest a $656 MILLION IN 2012.


EuroMillions is Europe's biggest lottery and is played in nine countries including the UK, France, Switzerland, Spain and Ireland.


EuroJackpot is Europe's second biggest lottery and is played in 18 countries including Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.


Cash4Life is the huge New York lottery that offers a top prize of €1,000 a day for life. Second prize is €1,000 a week for life!


6Aus49 which translates as 6 from 49 is Germany’s most popular lottery and has created more millionaires in the country than any other lottery.

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Lottery Betting is placing bets on the outcome of lottery draws in order to win the same prizes, including the jackpot.

The customer experience is very similar to actually entering the lottery.

The player chooses the draw, they pick their numbers in the same way and they will win all the same prizes as they would had they entered the official draw.

All highter tier payouts are then guaranteed by Lotto Warehouse’s jackpot coverage model.

Our simple API integrations takes no time at all – your tech team will love us! The customer journey stays exactly the same as is standard for your platform and you can use existing payment providers. The look and feel of the product will reflect that of your site.

Also, our solution brings management and monitoring together, ensuring efficiency and minimal demand on internal resource.

You advertise the jackpot and we'll take care of paying it out!

All higher-tier payouts are covered by an innovative jackpot coverage model. Every aspect of our offering has to adhere to the rigorous standards of both the UK and Maltese licensing authorities, including our ability to guarantee operators full protection against large payouts.

We offer 34 lotteries in total, but we'll be adding more in the future too. Here’s the full list.

USA Powerball
La Primitiva
California Super Lotto
El Gordo de la Primitiva
New York Lottery
Bono Loto
Poland Lotto
Poland Mini Lotto
Irish Lotto
Bitcoin Jackpot
Finland lotto
Norway lotto
Canada lotto 649
South Africa lotto
South Africa Daily Lotto
South Africa Powerball
Viking lotto
Austria lotto
Australia Saturday Lotto
Australia Powerball
Swiss lotto
French lotto
Chile Lotto
Colombia baloto
Hong Kong Mark Six
Hoosier Lotto
Mexico Melate

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